What I'm Diggin' by Rodney Hayden

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I’m diggin’ everything in 2010. I turned 30 at the end of February and started working on my 5th album in March with my good friend Drew Kennedy handling the role of Producer. We set up shop at Ramble Creek Studio in Austin and on top of the most fun I’ve ever had recording, we managed to come out with what I consider to be the strongest album of my career up to this point.
The day after we finished the album I flew to Italy and spent a week playing shows and hanging out with my good friends (and friends to many in this scene) Cristian and Max from Lonestartime.com
It was my 9th trip to Italy, so I have a big adopted family that lives there and was great spending time with them….not to mention the wine and pasta.
The week after I got back home I took a trip to Port Aransas (another one of my favorite places in the world) with my sister, brother in law, dad and my wife. We haven’t all been able to get together much lately, and it was great time as usual. The worst part of P.A. is having to leave….but it was a little easier this time around because a few days later I had another “vacation” planned. My wife and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on April 29. We flew to Vegas, stayed at the Wynn, saw Cher, visited some friends, ate some great food and had our minds blown by the Beatles Love show at The Mirage. It doesn’t sound like I do much work but with a new album coming out I’ll be gone for the entire summer and wanted to spend the month of April with my family and having fun before getting back to work. The album was finished being manufactured on April 30. We literally landed in San Antonio that afternoon, picked up the cd’s which were finished being manufactured that day and then headed to New Braunfels to play the first of two CD Release Party’s at Oma Gruene Underground…..one of my new favorite listening rooms. This Saturday May 8, I’ll be hosting my second music festival with a lot of good friends and some of my favorite songwriter’s which I’m really excited about. The rest of May will be dates around Texas, in June Drew and I will hit the road to do a 3 week run out west and then I’ll spend the entire month of July in Europe. So with a new album out, a summer full of tour dates and feeling pretty refreshed I’m ready to get back to work……..oh, and it’s baseball season. That’s what I’m diggin’.
Rodney Hayden

PS: Il nuovo album "Tavern of the Poets" di Rodney è davvero favoloso. Non esitate un secondo ad acquistarlo!

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